Welcome to Heritage Elementary School. We hope that, as you look through this website, you will get a glimpse into the exciting program that we have created and enhanced over the last fourteen years. I am honored to have led Heritage Elementary School since 2008, during which time I have watched our program double in size in order to meet the demands of our community. We hope to continue to offer quality choice in education for many years to come.

Our staff is delighted to have the opportunity to lead your students down this exciting educational path and to help them become successful and contributing members of society. Not only do we have the opportunity to teach them the essential basics of reading, writing, and math, but also the positive character traits that will help guide them in their journey through life.

While we are traditional in our methods, we are always looking for ways that our faculty can improve to ensure that your students will receive an up-to-date and high-quality education.
We continue to offer enrichment courses for our students through art, music, and PE, in order to provide a creative outlet for our students.

It is essential that the partnership between school and home be strong. We encourage parents to be involved, volunteer on campus, attend special events, and ask questions. It is vital to the success of your child that we share the same expectations for their success and work together on this journey.

Our office staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. If, after exploring our website, you would still like to know more, please feel free to contact us at (760) 737-3111. We are always here to help.


Veronica Farran, Principal